Swimming Safety Tips: Every Beginners Should Aware Of

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming to me is something extraordinary. What is swimming to me? A sport? A form of physical exercise? No, swimming to me is a feeling. Intense feelings of happiness that wash away all the tiredness of a hectic day and make me feel alive once again. It is like a charger of my body that makes me full of energy every single time. As a regular swimmer today I decided to share some experience of mine with you guys.

We all know that swimming not only an entertaining event but also a great form of workout. No matter which age level you belong to or what is the fitness level of yours, it is a great physical exercise.

However, those who are beginners need some safety advice for sure. For them today I am going to discuss some basic swimming safety tips. Stay connected. I am sure you will be benefited.

Basic Swimming Safety Tips

  • Never swim alone rather be with a buddy
  • Never swim during storm
  • Swim those areas where lifeguard is available
  • Learn about the signs and instructions. And follow those rules as well
  • Don’t swim at night if the area is unlighted
  • Follow the instructions of lifeguard
  • Don’t swim if you are tired, cold or overheated
  • If water seems cloudy and you can’t see the bottom of the pool don’t swim before changing the water
  • Never eat while swimming
  • Walk gently near water. Don’t run push or shove.

Basic safety tips for Beach Swimming

  • Learn about the location of nearest lifeguard
  • Learn about the weather condition
  • Watch out warning flags and avoid those areas
  • Also, see the danger signs and avoid those areas
  • Try to keep distance from piers, pilings and diving platforms
  • Don’t go so far as you have to return back

Safety Rules for Water Park Slides, Flumes and Wave Pools

  • Swim where a lifeguard is available
  • Know the area completely
  • Place yourself cautiously before you start down
  • Don’t get pressured into a stunt
  • Know the depth of water

So, those are the basic safety tips every beginner swimmer must know. There are some basic accessories you need to gather as well. Let me show you what those are:

Essential Swimming Accessories:

Before starting your swimming journey you must learn about all the essential steps. First of all, you have to know how to swim, after that, you need to know the safety rules and in the final part, you have to know about swimming gears. I hope you already know how to swim and we also discussed some vital safety tips. Now it’s time to show you some essential accessories for swimming. How Can I Learn to Swim by Myself? Let’s get straight to the point:

Swimsuit: At first you have to pick an ideal swimsuit. Swimsuits are available in one piece and two-piece design. You have to pick one that let you feel comfortable. If you wish to do lots of laps, one-piece swimsuit will be the right choice.  One piece suits allow the swimmer to move their shoulder freely. Two-piece suits are suitable for paddle boarding. Therefore, the suit must fit perfectly.

Swimming Fins: you can pick swimming fins as well which increases the kicking power. If you use swimming fins you can also focus on your arm motions and breathe.

Swimming goggles: A good swimming goggle will keep your eyes safe underwater. Therefore, those will give you a clear vision too. If you want to swim frequently and you wear glasses or contact lens, I will suggest you go with a pair of prescription goggles.

Swimming caps: Pool water contains chlorine. And it is known by all that chlorine can harm hairs. If you wish to swim frequently in the pool also bring a good swimming cap. Pick one that is snug and stay in right place while swimming. Well, those can’t keep your hair completely dry, but those will definitely keep your hair safe.

Earplugs: if you want to keep your ear dry, earplugs are mandatory.

Nose clips: you can keep nose clips as well in order to prevent water to get inside your nose.

Swim paddles: if you are beginner this item will an absolute choice for you. It will keep your legs strengthen and make your swimming more simple.

Finally, we are wrapping up here. We tried to give you all the specific information about swimming safety tips as well as beginners essential accessories. If you have anything more to know, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will meet again soon with a lot of other vital tips and hacks. Till then:

Stay safe!

Benefits of swimming every day: Infographic

Benefits of swimming everyday Infographic

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