The 8 Best Medicine Cabinet In 2021 (Reviews+ Buying Guide)

Looking for the best medicine cabinet? You have pondered to the right place. And in case this is the very first time you are purchasing a bathroom pill cabinet or are unsure of whether to actually buy one consider some of the following facts.

A medicine cabinet can go a long way to make it really easy for you to store your drugs and other important health-related items. You can beautifully organize them, so you don’t have to search for them like a madman especially if you suddenly have urgent work to take care of.

We have all been there at least once or twice in our life. When you don’t find your medicines, and it’s already your prescription time or if you get really sick and can’t find the right drug for it; you feel like a need fire extinguisher to cool your temper.

And sometimes in the midst of all this hassle, we even trip over, get cut, scrapped, and score some bad bruises. Only if everything was organized and nicely tucked in a comfortable place so it can be reached easier; things would have been much more convenient.

And in such condition, a medicine cabinet is no exception, but an absolute to have. So, if you are pumped up to purchase a new one, do some thorough research on the top-rated medicine cabinets below:

Top 8 Best Medicine Cabinet Reviews of 2021

To make sure you get the right choice to pay extra attention to the construction quality, design, and convenience of the product. Or you could read out my following review as I have already listed some of the best bathroom medicine cabinets you can get your hands on handpicked from hundreds of candidates.

I have vigorously tested them and only selected the top-rated medicine cabinets that are sure to bring you supreme satisfaction.

1. eoere Combination Plastic Pill Case- Best Locking Medicine Box

eoere Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet With Separate Compartments

This beautiful Medicine cabinet or box from eoere is a simple version of the conventional medical box. It is an acute choice for those who prefer a cabinet for always “on the go” scenario.

The box is made from good-quality ABS plastic giving it its inherent strength and light-weight body. It can hold up to a max of 22 prescribed bottles and still have enough room for some tablets or other small drugs.

The interior also has many compartments so you can attractively store your drugs in it. The best feature about the Eoere medicine cabinet organizer is that it has a high-secure dial lock. This ensures your kids will be safe as they can’t pull out any drugs and unknowingly put them in their mouths.

It can be considered as one of the best pill cases for storing medication and first aid kits. As it is light to weight, so you can carry the cabinet for an outdoor tour with the necessary aid kits.

2. KOHLER K-CB-CLC1526FS- Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

KOHLER K-CB-CLC1526FS Single Door 15-Inch by 26-Inch by 5-Inch Aluminum Cabinet

Kohler medicine cabinets have a long history of making cabinets that make customers love their products more day by day. They just don’t know when to quit and probably will not. The KOHLER K-CB-12526FS Aluminum medicine cabinet is a fine representation of their great works.

This cabinet pill organizer comes with a ½ inch beveled frameless door. And the door can be easily installed with either a left or a right hinge.

There are two adjustable ¼ inch sturdy glass shelves which is strong enough to hold all your drugs, toiletries, and any other small item with great convenience. It has a body constructed with high-grade aluminum ensuring years of non-stop use.

It also has a matching mirrored light fixture as an extra added feature. This makes it so much attractive and convenient accessory.

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3. HOMFA HOMFA 4 Drawer Wooden Organizer – Best Bathroom Floor Cabinet

HOMFA Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Not many medicine cabinets come with such contemporary design and rooms like The HOMFA Bathroom Floor Cabinet.

It is one of the most spacious floor cabinets you can find in the market with enough space to store your drugs, clothes, books, or even kitchen sets. Though, this cabinet is more like a sleek wardrobe with 4 extra-large drawers capable of storing all your essentials.

It can be used for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or other occasions as well. The multi-purpose uses of this floor cabinet make it a convenient choice for you. The waterproof wooden material fits any humid area like the bathroom. Also, the installation process is easy without any hassle.

It also comes in a beautiful design polished with a satisfactory ergonomic design. Also, it comes in an elegant white coating. This cabinet will undoubtedly work great for you while highlighting your room with brilliance. It is also very durable, light-weight being made of high-grade MDF material.

We highly recommended this wooden medicine cabinet that can be used for different purposes as well.

4. KOHLER K-99007-TL-NA – Best Lighted Medicine Cabinet

KOHLER K-99007-TL-NA Verdera 24 inch x 30 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

If you are looking for a medicine cabinet with LED lights, then the KOHLER 99007-TL-NA Verdera medicine cabinet can be an exclusive alternate. This recessed medicine cabinet is a treat for the eyes as it offers a stunning, sleek, metallic body with a crystal clear mirror.

And in case you are tired of setting the lights to your preferred position this cabinet has built-in lights with it. The front mirror panel has two vertical lined Led lights embed on both sides of it. The lights are powerful and brighten your conditions for any nifty or grooming work.

I almost forgot to mention the fact that it is so spacious you can store tons of item, yet is so compact it can adjust within the smallest of bathrooms. The LED lights highly intelligent as it can work on its own, being modified with advanced technology.

It can detect human presence, seasons, and surrounding light ambiance to dim or brighten the luminosity.  It even has an added magnified mirror that is compact and round and can be adjusted vertically. This is one of the best quality medicine cabinets that come with a lighted mirror.

5. Blossom Recessed or Surface – Best LED Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

Recessed or Surface LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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The LED medicine cabinets represent a very high class of artistry. And the Blossom Store’s recessed or surfaced medicine cabinet is a great exception or could be said a fine piece of art.

Both sides mirrored cabinet is ETL certified and comes with 3 soft-touch switches for easy accessing, brightness adjusting, and changing the color temp. Also comes with LED lights inside and a sensor to make it lighted while open the door.

It is highly technologized to make your life easy and convenient for your bathroom. Also equipped with a memory to remember the past settings before shutting down the cabinet. Nothing to worry about the durability as the frame is made of IP44 rated anodized aluminum and painted to be scratch-free.

The grooved door edges and corners ensure the safety issues as well. Undoubtedly, it is the greatest surface mount medicine cabinet for the bathroom.

6. AQUADOM Royale Plus – Best Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Aquadom Led Medicine Cabinet Royale Plus Outlets-Recessed & Surface Mount

A medicine cabinet with a mirror so spotless it even intensifies your beauty is something everyone desires. Though medicine cabinets mainly strive to store your essentials meaningfully, some want one with a brilliant mirror too.

So Aquadom decides to come up with a cabinet reinforced with a 5mm silver mirrored glass. It displays reflection sharper than a crystal. This cabinet is also very functional and versatile.

It contains 170 degree Blum hinges for the door which has a body made of super strong and sturdy anodized aluminum. The touch screen control panel is highly integrated. It also allows you to switch the LED light to dim off or light up anytime easily.

It is very spacious and contains many compartments consisting of three 8mm glass shelves.

7. Croydex Halton 26-Inch x 30-Inch – Best Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

Croydex Halton 26-Inch x 30-Inch Bi-View Recessed

Croydex is one of the most reliable brands to buy medicine cabinet from as they have brought satisfaction to thousands of users for 100 years. And this time they are representing The Croydex Halton Bi-View recessed medicine cabinet.

If you are someone who focuses mainly on in-house design and innovation, so you can consider this surface-mounted cabinet relentlessly. Aimed to revolutionize the way we customize our bathrooms this medicine storage is superior in class design quality and dexterity.

This one has amazing storage capacity making it an integral part of any bathroom. Also, it has an innovative Hang ‘n’ Lock fixing bracket.

It renders you the ability to fix it on any plain or recessed surface easily. For medicine storage with an outlook fine as silk, this could be the high quality recessed medicine cabinet for you.

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8. Jensen 868P34WHGX Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Jensen 868P34WHGX Bevel Mirror

Say goodbye to a sad boring bathroom and install the Jensen 868P34WHGX Bevel Mirror medicine cabinet. This tempered bevel glass medicine cabinet is built for satisfaction, reliability, and comfort. Also, store as many items you want with the incredible storage facility and smart compartments for easy organizing.

It leaves nothing behind in construction quality thus it is made from high-grade metallic substances and polished to a nice shiny finish. The mirror offers a crystal clear image and also gets less contaminated with water stains making the convenience last a lot longer.

If you are looking for a decent bathroom mirror within a budget, then consider this 36″ high medicine organizer that can store a lot of medicines and fit your small bathroom perfectly.

Buying Guide for the Best Medicine Cabinet

Best Medicine Cabinet

If your bathroom doesn’t have sufficient space to keep necessary medicines, prescriptions, hair, and facial products, hygiene products, toiletries, etc., then the furniture that comes in handy is a medicine cabinet. A medicine cabinet will give you some significant advantages, and that is why it is wise to set it up in your bathroom.

It is also a vital part of bathroom décor. These cabinets not only add the bathroom’s functionality but also give the bathroom a stylish look. A beautiful medicine cabinet can also remain as an excellent alternative to a decorative mirror over the bathroom sink.

However, before purchasing the best medicine cabinet for your bathroom, you have to consider several things, such as the sink’s size, materials, hardware type, etc.

Before setting up the medicine cabinet, you should also check if the cabinet adjusts with plumbing fixtures, floor tiles, and other accessories.

Installation Types

There are two types of cabinets that you can install in your bathroom. They are recessed medicine cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets.

Wall Mounted Cabinets: This kind of medicine cabinet has an old school design. Therefore you can follow the traditional way to install it, which is fairly easy and simple. All you need to do is screwing it to the wall and attaching it with the adhesive. However, you have to choose the correct mounting hardware suitable for the unit’s weight.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets: These cabinets have a tricky construction process when there lies plumbing fixtures, wires, pipes, etc. at the same point where the cabinet is to be installed.

To resolve this issue, you may consult with an expert building professional to relocate plumbing and electrical systems in your bathroom. As this cabinet doesn’t stick out to the wall, it gives a cleaner look to your bathroom.

While choosing between recessed and wall-mounted cabinets, you should consider your style and practicability of the cabinet.


The size of medicine cabinets relies largely on bathroom dimensions and your needs. You have the option to choose the best medicine cabinets of different depth, height, shape, etc.

In general, the size of medicine cabinets ranges between 14 “W x 22 “H and 80 “W x 40 “H. To select the ideal size for your bathroom, keep a few things in mind,

  • It is necessary to analyze what things you are going to keep in the cabinet.
  • The size of the bathroom walls has to be checked.
  • Check the height of the bathroom’s sink and vanity to make sure that the medicine cabinet doesn’t divert attention away from the bathroom’s overall design.
  • Having a huge medicine cabinet would give you extra benefits as you can keep a lot of things there. It will increase the overall space of your bathroom. However, heavy cabinets will make the installation process more troublesome and difficult. Furthermore, the cabinet will become heavier after you put things in it. Once the medicine cabinet is properly installed in accordance with the appropriate size, height, depth, etc., your project will be successful.

Style and Material

If you are going to upgrade your bathroom décor, it is important to choose the correct style. Stylish medicine cabinets will embellish your bathroom beautifully.

There are medicine cabinets with a variety of styles. There are also small mirror-fronted recessed or wall mounted medicine cabinets available in the market.

With these, you can get the functionality of both a mirror and a cabinet to store things. Medicine cabinets that feature a magnifying mirror make grooming easier. Mirrored cabinets come with or without a frame. You can opt for any of them whatever you like.

Another stylish option is a wooden medicine cabinet with a slatted door. As a material, wood has excellent strength and easy maintenance.

Additionally, you can add different wood colors and wood grains to match your bathroom’s décor. For exceptional durability, you can pick the wooden medicine cabinet with a lacquered finish.

Other materials used in making medicine cabinets are plastic, stainless steel, etc. Stainless steel made models would give you extra durability. Plastic made medicine cabinets are easy to maintain, but they don’t have good longevity.

Medicine Cabinet Buying Guide


Having the right hardware is essential for your medicine cabinet. If your medicine cabinet has the necessary hardware installed, you can use it more effectively. Some useful features of a medicine cabinet are soft closing hinges, knobs and door handles, locks, outlets, interior lights, and corner cabinets, etc.

  • Soft Closing Hinges: Due to the thinness of medicine cabinet doors, applying excess force to close them may do some damage. The solution to this problem is to use soft closing hinges. These hinges will assist you in closing the door softly.
  • Locks: If you have children in your house, they will tend to come in touch with harmful substances. Therefore if you choose a cabinet featuring locks, you can keep children away from the cabinet.
  • Push-button Doors: Cabinet doors that can be opened with a push button will make it easy for you to clean the mirrors.
  • Outlets: Some medicine cabinet models feature outlets that will give you the advantage of a plug-in electric razor, mobile charger, or curling iron.
  • Interior Lights: Some units have interior lights that improve the visibility of things you look for.

How Many Shelves Do You Require?

It is necessary to know how many shelves you would require. In case of having more small items in your medicine cabinet, you will need more shelves to put them. However, since medicine cabinet shelves are moveable, you don’t have to fret about placing them.

Hopefully, you now know what things you should consider before purchasing a medicine cabinet. If you keep the instructions mentioned above in mind, you can easily find your desired medicine cabinet.


You have read my review for the best medicine cabinets. These I have concluded by tedious and many hours of research. So, these medicine cabinets are the top-rated in their class with unique features. All of them are of the highest quality and design to perfection.

If there is any confusion, read our buying guide section again to find all your answers. For the best deal, grab one from our list!

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